Safeman gets visit from Cameroon!

In September, Safeman and Safewater had state visits from Cameroon. During the meeting, there were representatives from Cameroon, Better Shelter, WaterSprint, Safeman and municipal councils for the municipalities of Karlshamns and Olofström.

Safeman AB always strives to be a priority partner for customers in our segment of products and services. Safeman AB has the ambition to create cost-effective, comprehensive environmental-aware processes with the shortest lead times, from procurement to delivery of a product or service.

Safeman has fantastic technical resources. Yet it is something else besides the technology, equipment and tools that our customers think is unique with us. It is our way of thinking - to constantly seek improvements, add a holistic view, develop and combine to find optimal solutions. This, in combination with our ambition to make life easier, safer and more comfortable for people, has resulted in our unique water purification product "Safewater".

Another product of our work is Better Shelter, which has developed a new refugee home that suits the extreme conditions of refugee camps. The homes provide shelter for a longer period than traditional tents. Many refugee families may be forced to live in refugee camps for up to 17 years. Therefore, it is important to offer them the best possible conditions for a decent everyday life.
Safewater has previously been a product that is delivered to, for example, Rwanda and Cameroon, and now there is also a great interest in the refugee houses because they can see that they can help many people in Cameroon who are in need.

During the visit, Safeman's CEO Stephan Bengtsson demonstrated Safewater's function and efficiency. Then followed a tour of our factory to show the production of Safewater and the refugee houses Better Shelter.

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