Safewater delivered to one more school in Rwanda

Safewater provides the children with clean water in Ruhengeri.

No one should have to get sick because of unsafe drinking water.

One more school in Rwanda has decided to install a Safewater system - Wisdom School in Ruhengeri. Approx. 20000 liters are the students and staff drinking every week. At the Wisdom School, there are 1000 students in the ages from nursery school to high school and Safewater is very popular and appreciated by everyone. Tasty and safe drinking water results in the children feeling more alert.
Stephan Bengtsson, CEO of Safeman AB, is currently in Congo, together with our MD in Rwanda Beatrice Vinberg.
Congo has a big need of safe drinking water. Test results from their local laboratory impressed. 3 Safewater machines will be delivered for a field test a near future. Everyone is very impressed about the performance and how robust it is.

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