Components for refugee houses

Safeman are producing panels for refugee housing in lightweight materials – a result of four years of development work.

Safeman produces components for refugee houses!

"Better Shelter" was developed In collaboration with the United Nation's refugee organisation UNHCR and IKEA Foundation. "Better Shelter" is a solution to the huge need of temporary housing for refugees in the world. These are small houses of 17.5 square metres that are delivered in two flat packages. They can be assembled without any special tools in just a few hours and they provide shelter for a family.
Safeman in Olofström participated in the four-year development process and by 2015 were ready to start manufacturing walls and roofs for the first 10,000 houses. Safeman have employed 14 people and invested in a new production line for the lightweight housing.

-This Is a fantastic project that we are proud and excited to be a part of, says Stephan Bengtsson, CEO at Safeman AB.
-This Project is confirmation that Safeman is a knowhow-company which can be an active partner in qualified development. Also that we can produce cost-effectively in the global competition.
- On top of the pride and Joy in being a part of this project, our lightweight expertise increased further, says Stephan Bengtsson. It has great commercial importance. Low weight is a very focused area in the entire automotive industry. We are now increasing and upgrading our capabilities in this area.
We have worked with the focus to both produce and develop products for many years. We have among others developed train seats in a corresponding manner in close cooperation with a client.
-That we bring our expertise early in the development process means that the end result can be optimized using a holistic approach that includes everything from the quality and functionality of the product, logistics and overall economy.
”I very much welcome the development prospects of the company, and the success of lightweigthhouse project gives us very positive and important attention”, says Stephan Bengtsson.

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