About Safeman

Safeman AB was established in 1939 as a manufacturer of personal protective equipment. After that, for many years the company focused primarily on the production of interior fittings for the automotive industry. Today, Safeman manufacture everything from custom parts to high-volume units and assembled products for the entire industry.

We offer a complete concept

All our activities are characterised by a comprehensive approach and sustainability, from product quality and customer relations to the environment and work environment. We are reducing our climate impact through, for example, our choice of manufacturing technology and our sorting and recycling of waste. Our plant has a heat recycling system that makes us self-sufficient with regard to heating. We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 and thereby fulfil the very latest quality norms and environmental norms of the manufacturing industry.

Our work is summarised in our policy documents as regards quality, the environment and work environment. These are presented in brief below.

Quality policy
We strive to create and maintain long-lasting supplies of all products we supply to customers in all industrial sectors. We shall be regarded as a leading company that lives up to its commitments as regards both stipulated quality and punctual delivery. This shall be achieved as follows:
• Relaxed yet correct communication and interaction with our customers.
• In the event of quality defects, in the first instance the defects shall be rectified in such a way that the customer is satisfied. In the second instance, a division of the costs of necessary measures shall be discussed.
• Continuous efforts to bring about improvements and fulfil requirements.
• By involving and informing all employees about our quality management. The information shall be open and accessible.

Environmental policy
Our environmental policy shall form the basis of our general and specific environmental objectives. Our activities shall be continuously reviewed with regard to environmental considerations as follows:
• Measures to prevent pollutants.
• Compliance with environmental legislation, regulations, directives and other requirements.
• Continuous striving for improvements.
• Continuously reducing the amount of waste produced through our operations.
• Economising with energy and resources.
• By involving and informing all employees about our quality management.
• The information shall be open and accessible.

Work environment policy
The company's work environment shall be positive, safe and adapted to the needs and prerequisites of the employees. We shall create and maintain a good work environment that will promote the physical and mental health of the employees. This shall be achieved as follows:
• By preventing ill health and accidents.
• By meeting the requirements of legislation and other regulations.
• By encouraging employees to take personal responsibility, through information, education and active participation in work environment management.
• By not accepting CNS stimulant drugs or alcohol.
• By treating everyone at the work place with respect.

Each supervisor/manager is responsible for the work environment at his/her unit. Work environment issues are to be discussed at the company's meetings.

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