Safeman opens a factory in Rwanda

Safeman grows and opens a new plant in Rwanda to build its new product - Safewater and open a sewing factory for the local market.

The Safewater product moves to Rwanda

After two years with hard work, we’ve finally retched a milestone. Safeman AB are proud to introduce – Safeman Rwanda Ltd.
We are renting a 500 m2 factory in the capital city, Kigali. Here we will mend our proud water purification product, Safewater. For more information regarding the Safewater, please find it under the tab; Brands.
For les the 80’ years ago, Safeman started as a sewing company and that’s what we’re also going to start in Rwanda combine to the Safewater. With our experience and with the people in Rwanda’s knowledge, we will ship down our sewing machines and create work opportunities for the women in Rwanda. We will be sewing for the local market and also for other African countries.

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