Safeman is growing!

Safeman looks bright on the future and aims to grow. We are therefore proud to have recruited Mikael Svensson as the new external chairman of the board.

Mikael is creative, positive, fearless and solution-oriented. These are the features we are looking for.
Mikael is today the majority owner of the advertising agency Rabadang and has over 30 years of experience from both small and large companies' development. He dares to ask the uncomfortable questions and has the ability to see solutions where others see problems. It is something we appreciate a lot.

Safeman is an exciting, expansive and well-run company and therefore I accepted the assignment as chairman of the board, Mikael says. There are just a few companies that can offer the broad knowledge and production capacity that Safeman has. The company are thinking big and creativity is booming. With great knowledge in vacuum forming, sewing, punching / welding and construction, my work will never be boring. New products have been developed and others are being developed, they have many tough and fun challenges ahead of them and it feels great to contribute to Safeman's development journey.

Now we are aiming for the future!

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