Unique product development

Safeman is an innovative company in terms of both production and development of products for several industries. One of the aspects that makes us unique is our employees who, with their experience and knowledge, drive our development and production forward for our customers.

Here is one of Safeman's profiles within the company, Ingemar Melin. With his 17 years at Safeman and Prefence he has in one way or another been involved in all of the Prefence products that are available on the market today.

Ingemar Melin lives and works in Trelleborg where Safeman's office for development and marketing of Prefence products is located. His mission is to develop products mainly for light goods vehicles and goods vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.
- I've been working as a machine designer for 36 years, which means I've been a part of the journey from completely manual work with pencil and ink drawing on paper to 2D-Cad, 3D-Cad, laser scanning and much more, Ingemar says.

Prefence is a brand within Safeman and is an innovative niche part where our products make vehicles better, safer and more comfortable. One of Ingemar's typical development projects is to make comfort partitions for vehicles which, in addition to having an aesthetically pleasing design, must also meet all functional requirements. Both Safeman and Prefence always focus on the customer's needs and we strive to make the final product meet or exceed the customers needs and expectations.
- Sometimes you have to "walk the extra mile" and take it a step further than the most necessary. Several of our customers have chosen to stay with us for a long time, partly because of our high level of service. It gives us the opportunity to constantly think about new ideas and projects.

Ingemar describes himself as a problem solver who loves to find solutions for our customers.
- The best thing about the job is that you get to keep up with interesting products and keep your brain active. Challenges are sometimes encountered in the form of, for example, pressing development times or problems that are not fully identified. When this occurs, it is extremely stimulating to be able to solve both possible and difficult problems.


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